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February 2016 Featured Artists

Lake Sacajawea

Join us at First Thursday, February 4th to meet the featured artists: Beth Bailey,  Betty Jurey, and Terry Strehlou.

November 2015 Featured Artists


Join us at First Thursday, November 5 to meet the featured artists Vicki Brigden, Scott McRae, Ann Munson, and Chris Warren.

May 2015 Featured Artists

Masami Kusakabe - Washi paper

Join us for First Thursday on May 7 to meet our featured artists Carol Bietsch, Marilyn Moore and Masami Kusakabe.

November 2014: Pause, smile and be intrigued!

Kay Crawford, River Run

Each of our November artist brings a unique focus to fine art. Kay Crawford hopes her pastel paintings make you pause, smile, be intrigued or simply rest for a moment. She’s inspired by Pacific Northwest landscape scenes.   Janet Ellis is fascinated when the color, shape and texture of cut glass pieces change dramatically in […]

September 2014: Swarovski: the ‘Sparkly-est’ of Crystals

Mary Fortner, jeweler

Mary Fortner works with the ‘sparklyest’ crystals by Swarovski. It’s no surprise a talented jewelry maker would love the fashion design crystals made by the Austrian producer of luxury cut lead glass. The company dates back to the 1800s, when young glass cutter Daniel Swarovski patented an electric cutting machine that facilitated the production of […]

July 2014: Bonnie and Dennis Blake


Jewelry and fiber art by Bonnie Blake, and photography by Dennis Blake join the July featured show this month. Meet Bonnie and Dennis at this month’s First Thursday celebration, July 10, at 5:30 pm in our gallery.  Bonnie is a jewelry maker and fiber artist. Whether sawing and hammering the hard surfaces of silver and copper or […]