Artwork by Southwest Washington and Oregon artists.

Lisa Harrington

Lisa Harrington

Lisa Harrington

Mixed Media and Digital Collage

I’m a ‘second phase’ artist, picking back up on interest in art dating back to my early years but put completely on hold during my professional career. I pursue creative activities with a variety of media, ranging from dry media (charcoal, pastels, pencil) through watercolor and acrylic paint to digital photo collage and more. Exploration of various media provides me with an opportunity to keep actively learning and engaging my creative side.

My artistic eye follows on my career as a geography professor, during which I engaged topics of human-environment relations, rurality, and natural resources in my teaching and research. Geography also is naturally connected to landscape. In my personal life and tied to my academic background, I also relate to living things, whether in the garden; as livestock, pets, or wildlife; or in wild places. My work connects such topics with imagination and emotion.

blue heron on edge of water

At the Edge

Close up view of 3 flowers

Himalayan Poppy

close-up of owl face

“Who” pastel

digital collage with figure and home items

Digital Photo Collage

exploded view of barred owl face

Barred Owl in charcoal