Artwork by Southwest Washington and Oregon artists.

Lorena Birk

Lorena Birk at work in her studio.

Paintings, Sculpture

“I would like to think my paintings move to an inner music; when I hear a good score or song, I just have to paint or draw.”

–Lorena Birk

Lorena is also a member of Crow Valley Pottery





lorena_birk_IslandMountainResidentOrcas-500px lorena_birk_6904-500px lorena_birk_6903-500px lorena_birk_6811-500px lorena_birk_6901-500px lorena_birk_LadyMinotaur-500px lorena_birk_BigBoy-500px lorena_birk_CrampedAsianEleWithChain-500px lorena_birk_blueHeronCallaLillies-500px lorena_birk_2594-500px lorena_birk__unmarkedJaguar-500px lorena_birk_6916-500px