Artwork by Southwest Washington and Oregon artists.

Linda McCord

Linda McCord- Fashion Designer and Painter

fashion designer

Linda McCord


My art is an expression of an inner need to escape and find a place where I can go on a creative journey while exploring light and shadow, repetition of shapes and contrasts of various kinds. These form together to create a sense of rhythm. The viewer is invited to come along and travel to the focal point, rest there awhile then move on to explore each nuance of the secret places in the image.

I use the same concepts in my fiber art as I do with my paintings: composition using negative-positive space, repetition of shapes, color schemes, rhythm and focal point. If done successfully, the viewer’s eye is taken on a journey, travels to the point of interest, rest there awhile and travels on.  My newest endeavor is Silk Infusion which is now on display at the gallery.

mom baking in the kitchen

Stir Crazy by Linda McCord

Crystal Basket

Crystal Basket

all shapes of blue glass

Playing the Blues

young lady on steps in sun meditating


Silk fusion wall art in blues and rose

Aquarium-Silk Fusion

Study of a cobra engine