Artwork by Southwest Washington and Oregon artists.

Beth Bailey

artist painting in plein air

Beth Bailey

Pen and Ink, Watercolor and Metal Art

I spent my youth in Illinois and received a Bachelor of Science degree in Commercial Art and French. My experience in designing began with developing advertising for newspapers in Illinois and Oregon. I continued to work commercially designing logos and illustrations for various companies in the Northwest.

When I moved to Rainier, Oregon I was intrigued by history the area and quickly learned that there were few old photos available to the public. I started taking some old photos and draw illustrations of local scenes. Since then, I have been developing my special interest in the coast, nature, and water scenes. My illustrations have been used for Rainier City logo, the Chamber of Commerce, and banners for Longview WA, including the 75th anniversary design.

Recently, I have been working in a new medium- metal.  It has been an interesting and challenging endeavor which I have come to enjoy.  It’s very satisfying to see what I can develop from scrap and new metal by twisting, cutting and welding pieces together.

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~ Beth Bailey

three boats sailing

Sailing School in Silverdale

2 kayakers on canal

Kayaking into Skamokawa

Memorial Day Regatta

CYC 2015 Memorial Day Regatta


Kayaking to Skamokawa

2 metal fish shapes between wire reeds

Brook Trout in Reeds

rusty metal piece with trees and creek cut in the metal

Pacific Northwest Firs

Plasma cut of Sunflowers

Sunflower Delights

rusty metal with Mt Hood

Mt Hood View from Bend