Artwork by Southwest Washington and Oregon artists.

Carol Boudreau

Carol Boudreau at work in her studio

Carol Boudreau in her studio

Watercolor, Acrylic, Gouache

As a native Oregonian, my love for Pacific Northwest landscapes comes naturally. The beauty of this area has compelled me to express myself through art. Painting allows me to focus on and celebrate the things in life that I find good and meaningful and share them with my viewers. Nature, animals, and people are what inspire me to paint. The qualities of luminosity and high color intensity make watercolors especially exciting for me to use.

It is my hope that my art captures the spirit of a scene as well as the image, enabling the viewers to have an emotional recall of something similar they may once have experienced. I want my paintings to become the embodiment of a pleasant memory that can be lived over and over again.

— Carol Boudreau


San Francisco Flower Vendor

San Francisco Flower Vendor

bluish tone crow with cherry in beak

Crow in Cherry Tree

Blue and White Iris Trio

Bootsie’s Iris

Red and Green Foliage Plant


mountain scene with water amd reeds in the water

Denali, The Great One

Asian dressed lady looking at fans

The Fan Shop

Tabby Cat looking at you


side view of a thrush on a branch of rose hips

Varied Thrush and Rose Hips