Artwork by Southwest Washington and Oregon artists.

Sharon Ballard

artist painting

Sharon Ballard

Sharon Ballard was raised in Southern California and moved to Camas, Washington in 8th grade.  She is a graduate from Washington State University in Pullman.  For 17 years, she worked for General Telephone while occasionally working on art- weaving and attending various shows.

She received a degree in Interior Design at Bellevue, Washington.  Working art-time for an Interior Designer, she painted murals in the showroom which led to creating custom walls and furniture.  While working full-time for a Seattle Design Center, she was challenged to open a new showroom for them in the Palm Springs area.

It’s during this time that Sharon painted a pet portrait as a thank you to a customer.  She has continued working more on her art creating pet portraits, landscapes and abstracts in acrylics on canvas.

She formerly was a member of the Camas Gallery and has been a member of the Broadway Gallery for a year.

nest floating in air

Nesting Dream

hazy day in a field

bulldog in playful position

Let’s Play


hummingbird in flight


small dog portrait

Pet Portrait Commission