Artwork by Southwest Washington and Oregon artists.

Phil Fake

Phil Fake- Neighborhood Painter

head shot of phil fake

Phil Fake

I call myself a Neighborhood Artist because as a child I went around and painted pictures of the neighbor’s houses. I would then take the painting to the door and sell it to them. I never really stopped painting my surroundings, and I have never quit painting plein air. I have always felt that the places we create to live in tell us about who we are. We spend much of our lives adding color to our landscape. I have always contended that we are trying to create a bit of our own paradise in the neighborhoods we create. There is often a human narrative within the composition, if you can find it.

view of st helens and person walk across street

Clinton Corner

front view of the tavern

Evergreen Tavern – Rainier, OR

view from the deck


Swifts flying over chimney

Swifts in Rainier