Artwork by Southwest Washington and Oregon artists.

Debra Chase


Art is a joyful, spiritual and in-the-moment process for me. Nature is a huge inspiration for these interactions. I focus on the language of Art whenever I am engaged in the artistic process. Composition, color and mood have been the primary focus of these recent paintings, which were painted “Alla Prima en Plein Air”, meaning they were painted completely on site in the landscape.

These Pacific Northwest landscapes were painted in the Columbia River Gorge where I paint each summer with artists from Creative Arts Community in Portland, Oregon. In tune with this group’s mission statement, I believe art enhances the quality of peoples’ lives.

I graduated from the University Of Washington School Of Art, where I feel fortunate to have studied with the late artists Jacob Lawrence (Cubist and African American historical painter), and Michael Dailey (Abstract painter known as a second generation “Norwest Mystic” after Mark Tobey).

Additionally, I received a MAT from Lewis & Clark College in 1996, and I have been a teacher/artist for 25 years. I continue to seek out new art experiences, wherever they may exist, and to challenge myself to a place beyond my comfort zone.

orange and pieces of orange

Oranges #1, $250

oranges and multiple pieces

Oranges #2, $250

study of whole and sliced tomatoes

Tomatoes , $250

2 limes and 1 lemon on a collander

Limes and Lemon in a Bowl, $250

contrast in color of limes and cherries

Limes and Cherries, $250

wintry road

“Ode To Diebenkorn”

welcoming rudded path between trees

“Corbett Oregon #1″

road leading to house and car

“Corbett Oregon #2″