Artwork by Southwest Washington and Oregon artists.

Mary Kohlschmidt

Jewelry and Paper Art

“Every day gives me the opportunity to design and create jewelry and paper art for others to enjoy.”
—Mary Kohlschmidt

My specialty is designing and making jewelry and paper art.

I create handmade necklaces, bracelets and earrings using gemstones and various metals. These can be found in the main area of the gallery along with my eight-sided oriental boxes and handmade greeting cards.

My newest additions are accentuated with various metals and gemstones.  Some are hammered metal while others textured metal.  Turquoise, Jasper, crystals and various gemstones are added to the jewelry pieces.

I hope you enjoy my creations!

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Copper Swirl with Blue Stoneware

Copper Swirl with Blue Stoneware

Various size and colored beads with metal comchons

Neutral Colored Stones and Metal Bracelet

bracelet of various blue and clear stones

Follow Your Heart

various matural colored stones and trinkets bracelet


beads and tassle necklace and earrings

Yellow and Red necklace and earrings

various colored beads in a variety of shapes

Whimsical Dreams Bracelet

Copper and Stone

Copper and Stone