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Susy Halverson

Susy Alverson

Susy Halverson at her easel

Knitting, Painting, Jewelry

“I need art like a flower needs sunshine. I can only thrive when painting or creating in some way. I love to teach to help others fullfull this need.”

— Susy Halverson
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Susy Paints in oil, knits sweaters with a Passap knitting machine, and produces embroidered tee shirts and jewelery. She also teaches oil painting classes at the gallery for adults and children.


Susy Halverson Painting Sea Lion Cave Back Door

Sea Lion Cave Back Door

Palouse Summer

Impending Tempest

Artwork by Suzy Halverson

Artwork by Susy HalversonArtwork by Susy Halverson

Artwork by Susy Halverson