Artwork by Southwest Washington and Oregon artists.

Fran McCool

Fran McCool- Sculpture and Fabric Artist

artist with glasses

Fran McCool

I am a native of Colorado, I grew up in Denver. Like many kids with an active imagination I would draw and color. This was a way that I could express myself and it evolved as I started to
have access to other mediums.

I learned to sew to make clothes and accessories. Jewelry making is still a part of my creative outlet. After high school, I attended the Colorado Institute of Art and received an Associate in Visual Communication-graphics and advertising art. I am currently learning new mediums so my art can evolve. I like to paint celebrities and movie scenes. Also, I make wearable sculpture pins depicting Mardi Gras masks and characters.
I moved to Washington and found an amazing community of great artists and I am happy to be part of the community that inspires imagination and beauty.
“Inspiration is everywhere.” -Frances McCool

Red, whote and clack fabric bag with drawstring

Reversible Fabric Bag

lavender, black, a floral print bag

Reversible Drawstring Bag

heads of mardi gras design with feathers

Mardi Gras Style Pins



monotone colored painted image with blue background

Portrait of a Cowboy

religious person holding pink flowers

Silence of the Roses

small hand painted necklaces

Pendant Necklaces