Artwork by Southwest Washington and Oregon artists.

February 2022 Featured Artists

Help us celebrate our February 2022 Artists Scott McRae with his brightly colored paintings and Tonie Knutz, with her jewelry and sculptures.

Scott McRae– Painting and Drawing

close-up portrait of scott

Scott McRae

I am a native of Longview, Washington. I have always been interested in expressing myself artistically. In fact, my entire education has been built around it. My language and reading skill develop from what I can achieve pictorially. Children”s books provide inspiration both for their stories and illustrations. One particular illustrator whom I admired the most was Brian Wildsmith—especially for his use of bright colors.

In high school, I took art from Jan Stump. Already introduced to oil painting as a child, I continued to work in oil while exploring so many more mediums such as watercolor, pastels, colored pencil, and more. Children book characters and settings were what drove my art during my high school art education.

I graduated from Linfield University in 1990 with a BA in art. At Linfield, my focus was on abstract painting which has less concern about depicting something realistically. This freedom helped me both artistically as well as how I see the world around me and is what motivates me to paint.

At Lower Columbia College, I have learned the elements of art. What opened my eyes the most is that art can be about concepts. What you paint can send off a message both in subject matter and how the art is done. I have taken many painting classes from Ray Cooper in acrylic painting and his instruction has allowed me to be flexible with my art creation and the materials I use to paint.

This art show offers the viewer a chance to see my drawing and painting skills. Even though drawing can be a big part of painting, I see them as their own unique processes. Drawing becomes its own media both literally and as a way to express myself. My process is about finding basic shapes and developing them until I have brought them to their final definitive state.

Medias used in this show include graphite, acrylic gouache, colored pencil, and acrylic paint. It is the first time showing my drawings at the Broadway Gallery.

  • mixture of flowers in a vase
    Summer Mixed Bouquet

Tonie Knutz- Jewelry and Scuptures

artists working on a sculpture mold

Tonie Knutz

Tonie Knutz is a self-taught 3D artist inspired from stone, nature, and light. She is a unique artist that uses cement in unconventional ways such as, sculpture, jewelry, and blended designs to create one-of-a-kind artwork
Her jewelry is made from recycled copper pipes, wire, and stained glass. Tonie is using enamels, patina effects,
and glow in the dark powders to enhance the pieces.
“I love making texture in jewelry. I create this by electroforming copper or using torch-fire and other metal
smithing techniques,” Tonie states. She also sculpts base molds from clay, melts glass over them to create impressions and textures in the glass pendants.

  • Neutral colored nautical rose
    Compass Rose

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