Artwork by Southwest Washington and Oregon artists.

March 2022 Featured Artist

There’s a Pot O’ Gold with our talented March 2022 Artist, Joan HitchcockYou’ll adore with her brightly-colored nature paintings and original silk scarves.

Joan Hitchcock- Paintings and Silk Scarves

artist portrait

Joan Hitchcock

Joan Hitchcock is from Rochester, Washington, which is located almost exactly half way between Portland Oregon and Seattle Washington.
Inspired by the color, 3-dimensional forms and ,ultimately, the grace of nature, my art often takes a closer look at elements commonly seen in everyday life. She continues to explore the rich colors and fluidity of painting on silk, both wearable and wall-mounted pieces. Most recently, Joan discovered the wonder of creating works in acrylics.
“I enjoy exploring different mediums to discover new techniques while pushing each medium to extremes. I also enjoy sharing what I’ve learned with others through community art classes.”

sunset in sepias

Homeward Bound Series IV

chickedee weighting down a flower

Chickdee’s Dinner

seagull atop a piling

Seagull’s Contemplation

various silk scarves with vibrant colors

Unique Silk Scarves

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