Artwork by Southwest Washington and Oregon artists.

First Thursday Back April 7

Mark your calendars for the celebration of the return to First Thursday Reception at the Broadway on April 7.

We have some stellar artists for April, Sandra Yorke and Brent Knott These artists have a wonderful display of their fine work.

Sandra Yorke- Watercolor Painting

portrait of artist

Sandra Yorke

In September 2021, my husband Chris and I were fortunate enough to take a 3-week journey exploring the countries of England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Ireland.

Using watercolor, I have created several paintings highlighting this once in a lifetime trip. As an artist who specializes in landscapes and the healing powers of nature, I found so much inspiration all around me. The changing light of the day and the mood it creates, as well as the changing weather and landscapes all added to the mystery and beauty each day. I chose watercolor for my medium because the mixing of watercolor paints on the paper and the unique blend of colors and patterns all add so much feeling to the painting.

I wanted to portray a sense of the peacefulness, serenity and timelessness of the landscape there because that is the way it made me feel. Calm, peaceful and full of hope.

  • foggy day near the hills
    The Lake District

Brent Knott- Wood Turning

As a native Washingtonian and a 35-year career with Weyerhauser, Brent Knott was encouraged by friends and fellow woodturners. In 2018 my wife and I decided we needed a change of scenery and had a home built in Chehalis.
My woodturning adventure began shortly after I retired. It soon moved from a part-time hobby to full-time but has never felt like a job. I have no formal woodturning training but was lucky enough to have woodturning friends who were eager to help me get started.
I started out turning small items and then discovered segmented turning, a complicated but satisfying way of turning wooden objects. I design each piece the old fashioned way using graph paper, pencil, and erasers…lots of erasers! I keep the finished plans as a reference source so I won’t create duplicates of my work. My segmented pieces are composed of from 100 to 1,800 or more individual pieces of wood. Recently I have begun using mineral inlays and decorative carving as embellishments on some of my pieces to enhance the natural beauty of the wood.
I draw inspiration from the great Northwest. The irregular shapes found in our trees, mountains, lakes, and rivers are things I try to interpret and add to my creations. I hope you will enjoy what you see.

  • checkerboard look pattern on segmented woodturning vessel
    Northwest Patterned Wood Vessel

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