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January 2019 Featured Artists

hand turned. carved wood bowl

Join us at First Thursday, January 3rd to meet our guest artists- Kathleen Duncan and Eileen Thompson.

December 2018 Featured Artists

view from the hill of a farm house

Join us at First Thursday, December 6th to meet our guest artists- Quentin Noel Robbins, Daniela Ivanova Nyberg, Barbara Conyne and Greg Conyne.

August 2018 Featured Artists

dogwood like blossoms

Join us at First Thursday, August 2nd to meet our guest artists- Susan Supola, Gerhard Thoen and Ken Knodell.

March 2017 Featured Artists

painting of guitarist

Join us at First Thursday, March 2nd to meet the featured artists Gary Bilodeaux, Scott Erwert, and Tamara Hinck

August 2015 Featured Artists

Mixed Media by Vicky Vasey

Join us on First Thursday on August 6 to meet our featured artists Vicky DeKrey Vasey, Bud Wilkinson Mitchell, and Bryn and JoAnne Watson.

August 2014: Form Inspires Kit Metlen’s Indian Carvings


“What keeps me interested in returning to a block of wood? I seldom carve straight through on one piece of wood.  I take breaks to let the carving settle in my mind and to allow the mind to wonder of the possibilities.” ~ Kit Metlen Kit started carving with pocket knives when he found one […]