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October Featured Artists


Visit us during the month of October to view our featured artists Adrienne Stacey with her watercolor paintings and Mary Fortner-Smith with jewelry and artisan masks. Adienne Stacey- Watercolor Painting Lightness of Being Adrienne Stacey Watercolors Just a couple of years ago, I finally tried watercolor. To my joy,  many of my pottery skills were […]

September 2014: Swarovski: the ‘Sparkly-est’ of Crystals

Mary Fortner, jeweler

Mary Fortner works with the ‘sparklyest’ crystals by Swarovski. It’s no surprise a talented jewelry maker would love the fashion design crystals made by the Austrian producer of luxury cut lead glass. The company dates back to the 1800s, when young glass cutter Daniel Swarovski patented an electric cutting machine that facilitated the production of […]

April Spotlight: Jewelry, Photos from the Middle East

Tom Roth

Local resident Tom Roth had the unique opportunity to study at the American University in Dubai, traveled to Oman and Nepal, and documented his experiences in photography. The colors and energy in his photographs are inspiring. Mary Fortner’s love for creating jewelry is evident in her delicate, light filled combinations of stones and crystals. Please […]