Artwork by Southwest Washington and Oregon artists.

October Featured Artists

Visit us during the month of October to view our featured artists Adrienne Stacey with her watercolor paintings and Mary Fortner-Smith with jewelry and artisan masks.

Adienne Stacey- Watercolor Paintingimg_6705

Lightness of Being

Adrienne Stacey Watercolors

Just a couple of years ago, I finally tried watercolor. To my joy,  many of my pottery skills were transferable to watercolor.

Please join me for my first watercolor show.

  • two birds in a nest

Adrienne also has some awesome 3-D hanging art that she will have on display with her whimsical watercolors.

life-size ferns, thimbleberry and wild ginger

Leaf Fern, Thimbleberry, Wild Ginger, $1200

stoneware with various impressions and added pieces

Study of Contrasts, $225

Mary Fortner-Smith- Jewelry and Masks

artist working in her studio

Mary Fortner-Smith

The spirit that guides my hand and makes my heart race with a new idea or design is that same force that all artists feel. The drive to create, to make something beautiful or functional or inspirational is what keeps us breathing and living. Art- in all forms- gives joy to the world and to the artist.

  • necklace
    Welcome to My Beach

Mary also has designed some wonderful artisan-made masks that will be stunning for any occasion.

red patterned mask with jewels

Jeweled Mask

Fall colored pattern and orange

Reversible Fall Colored Mask

multi-colored diamond pattern with solid pink on reverse side

Reversible mask

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