Artwork by Southwest Washington and Oregon artists.

November 2020 Featured Artists

Visit us during the month of November to view our featured artists Susan Supola with her acrylic and ink paintings and Lorena Birk with animal sculptures.

Holiday Opening- November 14

Susan Supola – Painting

Susan Supola

Susan Supola

Paintings from Travels, Acrylic on Canvas and Brush and India Ink on Collaged Papers.

Graveyards and Tombs

I audit Ray Cooper’s class at LCC whenever I can because every time I’m there, I grow as an artist.   He encourages me to do a series of related art each quarter, and since I have many sketches and photos from graveyards and tombs that I’ve visited in different countries, they became my area of study.  Some are tourist attractions, some are just peaceful places to take a break while traveling, and some are to explore history.   I’ve found that how a people take care of their deceased contributes to my understanding of a culture and is a really interesting way to study history.  I don’t pretend to represent all cultures here or to have a very deep knowledge of the ones I’ve represented, but I hope to convey my feelings and emotions to the viewer.

Theater and Dancing of the Roma (often called Gypsies)

 When I was teaching high school in Montana, I was awarded a Fulbright-Hayes Exchange Seminar in The Czech Republic and Slovakia for five weeks in the summer.  One of our areas of study was the Roma culture, and as part of this course, we got to attend, what was at that time, the only Gypsy theater in Europe in Eastern Slovakia.  The performances were so exciting and the music incredible.  I couldn’t believe how fast the musicians could play and the dancers could twirl and step.  I didn’t get many photos as flashes weren’t allowed so I’ve tried to convey the excitement from my memories.  Years later, my sister and I visited Romania and stumbled on a fall celebration in Sibiu that included a performance of Gypsy music and dancing.  What a treat to see it all again, and this time, I got many photos to work from for painting.

Lorena Birk – Clay Animal Sculpture

Lorena Birk at work in her studio.

Lorena Birk at work in her studio.

Lorena Birk is an established painter and sculptor who has a passion for mammals and animals of all sizes.  She has a talent that reaches out to the souls of those who can appreciate their value to all our lives.  You will be amazed at what she has been creating during this crazy time.

“I would like to think my paintings move to an inner music; when I hear a good score or song, I just have to paint or draw.”

–Lorena Birk

3-D art and 2-D art of whales

Lorena Birk Display

Longhorn sheep

New Sculpture Piece


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