Artwork by Southwest Washington and Oregon artists.

March 2021 Featured Artist

Rosemary Powelson- Paper and Clay

Rosemary Powelson retired in 2008 from Lower Columbia College where she taught art history and studio art courses. Seven years ago she began taking ceramics at Lower Columbia College and keeping a large format diary.

When I create my mud babies, I am like a kid with a new toy. After many false starts, I began making clay forms from wooden Columbia River floats and moved on to create “wonky cups” based on semi-collapsed dishwasher safe party cups.  I named them after family, friends, and old boyfriends.  Slumped coffee filters with grounds, the shells of avocados and tamarind pods inspire the latest forms.

My diary entries continue my focus on recording the light and weather with both words and images.  I juxtapose them with writings about my creative process and observations about my world and the people in it.

Rosemary will be sharing several of her sketches from various travels as well as her handmade ceramic pieces. She has also been involved with the Library Fund Raiser, “Art Speaks Volumes”. This event is held at the Rose Center for the Arts on Lower Columbia College Campus. It has been very successful in creating a foundation of funds to keep programs alive at the library. The 2020 event had been postponed due to the COVID 19 pandemic.


Lavendar and green bowl

Handmade bowl vessel-Pinch Pot #17

Green glazed vessel like a flower

Green tapered vessel

Neutral tone vase

Natural Handmade vase- “Edna”

2 handle hand built vessel


4 images of scenes from traveling

Travel Sketching Journal

various small and medium sketches

Traveling Sketches

Artist rendering of project with a float

Project sketching

Artist rendering in color

Project Sketching #2

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