Artwork by Southwest Washington and Oregon artists.

April 2021 Featured Artists

Visit us during the month of April to view our featured artists Linda Blue with her soft fiber art and Sharon Ballard with her magnificent paintings.

Linda Blue- Fiber Art

artist in water

Linda Blue

I have been a lifelong artist in many mediums. I fell in love with the intensity of color that art allows at a young age. All of my work, including my yarnworks and jewelry share that intensity of color.

I am a west coast native and a mostly self-taught artist who is inspired by the beauty of nature in all it’s incredible glory. In my travels throughout the world over the last 25 years I have taken in the environments and cultures that have enriched my life in uncountable ways, and have developed my skills in a variety of mediums through practice and workshops

In 2007 I moved to a remote island in Fiji to live off grid and experience village life for 7 years. During my time there I wrote “Secrets of Health and Beauty from Fiji”, that included 50 watercolor paintings of the beautiful plants and landscapes of Fiji. Prior to (and since) moving to Fiji I taught children creative arts therapies for 30 years in the Portland, Oregon metro area. I love traveling internationally for opportunities to paint, create, and take reference photos for inspiration. Experiencing nature and other cultures opens not only my eyes, but my heart and mind. When not engaging in painting, or traveling, I enjoy gardening, hiking, kayaking and scuba diving.

I have shown my work at The Chapel Theater in Milwaukie, Three Rivers Art Gallery, Artreach Gallery, Milwaukie Little by Little, Clackamas County Art Alliance, Splendorporium, Creative Arts Community exhibits, Big 500, the Canby Library, and through open studios.

  • model with hat
    Turquoise Hat

Sharon Ballard- Painting

artist with her dog

Sharon Ballard

The creative process behind my paintings is always a learning experience….sometimes frustrating, always challenging but above all….most rewarding.

Painting is an integral part of my life and has included large murals, artwork on furniture and a vast amount of subjects on canvas including one of my passions: Pet Portraits.
It is extremely rewarding to capture a pet’s inner spirit and see the owner’s delight in the resulting painting.

My art background was most complimentary to my career as an Interior Designer. Many of the basic design elements in both professions are the same. I could always find a perfect piece of artwork for my clients….and often,
it was right at the end of my own paintbrush!

The potential for a painting surrounds me daily. Creating is a passion that consumes me.

I’d be lost without a paintbrush in my hand!!

  • contrasting blue tree
    Trees at Sunset

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