Artwork by Southwest Washington and Oregon artists.

August 2017 Featured Artists

Join us at First Thursday, August 3rd to meet 5 talented featured guest artists Donna Graham, Richard Graham, Janice Tatiano, Nancy Zieg, and Tammie Painter.

During the August 3rd, First Thursday from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm, enjoy the music of  Brad Matthews and Jimmy Waukie as we celebrate these artists’ work.

Donna Graham- Illustrator

artist portrait

Donna Graham

I am a retired physician and self taught artist. In my specialty as a Pathologist, I spent a career peering into the microscope, deciphering minute variations in colors, shapes, and
patterns. While deeply rooted in science, Pathology requires the patience to search for clues via hyper-attention to detail, the ability to build pictures in your mind, and the
imagination to visualize the whole story from a tiny sample.

Photography is integral to my process. While being largely faithful to the camera’s eye, I am on a continual search to craft drawn images that add emotional content and artistic value. Common items and scenes of everyday life are the raw source material for my work. My medium is colored pencil or graphite on paper. My method is realism, but realism reshaped by additions and subtractions and by modifying color, shade and shadow, reflection, and scale.

  • b&w drawing of watermelons

Richard Graham- Painter

Richard's portrait

Richard Graham

I have always felt drawn to the power of abstraction and its ability to pull the viewer into a decision making process. I want my paintings to be an interactive experience in a way that
photographs and more realistic formats are not.

My paintings sometimes start with a figurative or landscape subject whose image becomes a point of departure. Other times,  I pursue randomness for its own sake.  As I proceed, I try to find the edge where coherent shape and abstraction meet and exploit the tension that is created there.

The process is always spontaneous and as the painting takes on a life of its own, its completion happens when the desired emotional response is achieved. Multiple layers, action vs. still, tight vs. loose, tension through color, and textural stress are some of the tools I find important in my work. My goal is to find colors and composition that create paintings with integral power leading to lasting viewer impressions.

  • abstract of landscape

Nancy Zieg- Painter

Nancy spent her career as an interior designer in Pittsburgh, Houston and Portland as well as having clients across the United States. She is very interested in the arts and began studying oil painting in the the 1990’s with the international Russian master, Efim Frumin.
From Quatracento to the 18th century, the great masters revolutionized painting with their unique use of tempura underpainting and subsequent oil glazes on canvas. Nancy has taken this technique and loosened her style to an impressionistic approach to her varied subjects.

  • painting of a table in the kitchen

Janice Tatiano- Glass Fuser and Painter

Janice's portrait

Janice Tatiano

I’ve always been drawn to all types of arts and crafts, and it brings me joy to share my art with others. I fell in love with Glass Fusing when I co-owned a fused glass and Paint your own pottery and studio. My passion for glass has only grown from there.

I love to incorporate my love for painting into my style of glass fusing. 3 Dimensional forest scenes are my favorite thing to do. I find all art is a, “vacation for the mind.”

  • fused glass image

Tammie Painter- Colored Pencil Artist

Tammie's portrait

Tammie Painter

Tammie Painter grew up in the creative world of Portland, Oregon, and she continues to call the City of Roses home. Although she spent years working as a chemist in a behavioral neuroscience research lab, she could never quite tame her desire to express herself through words and images. When circumstances provided her the chance to pursue a creative career, she seized it and has never looked back.
As an artist, Tammie’s love of nature shines through in her botanical and wildlife art, but that doesn’t stop her from exploring other subjects such as the shiny curve of a car or colorful abstracts. Whatever subject she chooses to draw or paint, her work is characterized by the intricate details that are often overlooked in our daily lives.
While Tammie has recently rediscovered her love of acrylics and continually strives to test out new mediums and techniques, she works primarily in colored pencil as this medium captures vivid colors while still allowing for the intricate details of her finished pieces.

  • colored pencil of ginger plant

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