Artwork by Southwest Washington and Oregon artists.

September 2017 Featured Artists

Join us at First Thursday, September 7th to meet the featured artists Mary Duvall, Maili McDaniel, and Stan Gibson

During the September 7th, First Thursday from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm, enjoy the music of Steve Harvey and help us celebrate these artists’ work.

Mary Duvall

selfie of Mary Duvall

Mary Duvall

As an artist I have continued my explorations of the inner and outer life begun long ago as a child who loved to observe, to live close to plants and animals, to read and to ponder.

I live in a small forest near Clatskanie with partner Jeff, a rescue dog Albert, and a chaotic garden. We treasure the wild bees, the elk, the deer, the birds, and the butterflies, whose habitats we preserve.

In years past,  I raised two beautiful children (now adults),  worked as a college English teacher, as a college counselor, later as a Clinical Social Worker with Hospice and in private practice. In this last part of my life, I am fortunate to continue to observe, to live close to the earth, to read and to find my way now with shapes, colors, papers, pens, paints, pastels. Artists and mentors, colleagues, clients and friends, students and patients, have inspired and encouraged me throughout my life and continue to do so: I am grateful to them all.

Painting, photography, drawing are meditations for me; I am engaged in a concentrated relationship with the medium, the subject, the moment —these images explore space, gardens, trees, birds, water: nature, while also attending to the medium, the surface, color and texture. When someone receives the artist’s expression, a deeply satisfying wordless connection and communication occurs. In that sense, art is a relationship between artist and viewer carried by the work. With these works, I invite you into my heart and mind. May you find something of value.

  • detailed color painting of a maple leaf

Maili McDaniel

portrait of Maili McDaniel

Maili McDaniel

Maili McDaniel grew up moving all over the United States as a child, but South Carolina and the Pacific Northwest have resonated as home to her. The coast of each state draws Maili, both having a calming effect and inspiration. Also, the PNW is a mecca for glass. There are manufacturers and suppliers close by, as well as art galleries, including the Museum of Glass in Tacoma. Thus, living in Kelso,  Washington is the best place to be at the moment.

Maili has always been exposed to art since she was a child. Her parents would give her a sketchpad to draw on while her father would sketch.  She also spent time watching her grandmother create many types of artwork such as mosaics and acrylic paintings. As a teenager,  Maili decided to attend Cosmetology school. She worked as a cosmetologist for 5 years in South Carolina. Working with hair color, training and gaining knowledge of color began a good foundation for her future as a glass artist.

Maili and her husband moved to Washington in 1994. When visiting the beach in Washington state over the years, Maili would visit the many different art shops and would long to be able to create the jewelry, not just purchase it. She purchased a kiln in 2005. This was just the beginning of living the dream. Thus Maili’s business Dream Creations began. Maili learned the basics of fusing glass and began trying things. When they didn’t turn out as expected, she researched and spoke to fellow artists and tried again. She created a network of friends who all had the same passion. Many people were willing to share their knowledge as she shares hers. For the most part, Maili is a self-taught artist.

Through being curious, having a love of knowledge, and having a persistent attitude, Maili has continued to increase her skills. She has learned how to do lampwork (a form of glass blowing with a torch). This is currently her favorite art form. She has dabbled in creating mosaics and plans to continue exploring this medium. Maili also took a silversmithing jewelry class at Centralia College both Winter and Spring of 2017 and plans to continue in the Fall. Her plans are to incorporate her fused glass pieces into silver settings to create even more amazing pieces. She also purchased a coffin kiln this summer and plans to begin working towards creating larger wall art as well as useful glass art. Maili plans to never stop learning and exploring the various mediums of glass.

I create what I love. I have always loved windchimes, beautiful things and what girl doesn’t love jewelry. I hope you enjoy my show.

Stan Gibson

artist holding two vases he made

Stan Gibson

First introduced to clay and pottery in high school my immediate interest was and continues to be a focus on strong forms and craftsmanship. Over time the importance of developing interesting surface qualities and unpredictable effects ( as opposed to a “designed” result ) has led me to the use of ash glazes in the gas fueled kiln and firing in a wood fired kiln. These processes produce surprising and variable results.

  • Round vase with drip glaze
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