Artwork by Southwest Washington and Oregon artists.

July 2017 Featured Artists

Join us at First Thursday, July 6th to meet the featured artists Joyce Hudson, Linda McCord, Beth Bailey, Scott McRae, and Susy Halverson.

During the July 6th, First Thursday from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm, enjoy the music of Dave Mongeau and help us celebrate these artists’ work.

Joyce (LaCoursiere) Hudson – Painter

artist Joyce Hudson

Joyce Hudson

I am a Longview, Washington watercolor artist and photographer. My watercolor paintings have won awards. Subjects of my paintings are of the local area and from my travels.

As you can see, I usually paint in bright colors. Painting pictures of children and pets can be challenging but fun. I enjoy putting a story of some kind into my painting that may tug at your heart strings or put a smile on your face.

Linda McCord – Painter and Fashion Designer

fashion designer

Linda McCord

“My art is an expression of an inner need to escape and find a place where I can go on a creative journey while exploring light and shadow, repetition of shapes and contrasts of various kinds. These form together to create a sense of rhythm. The viewer is invited to come along and travel to the focal point, rest there awhile and move on to explore each nuance of the secret places in the image. I love light and shadow and the way the light forms to make various shapes. It is these shapes that I focus on in my work. I repeat the positive shapes in the negative areas while trying to create a sense of rhythm”.
Linda McCord- watercolor, acrylic and pastel paintings

  • parent at yable having tea

Beth Bailey- Illustrator and Painter

artist painting en plein air

Beth Bailey

The Pacific Northwest is amazingly bountiful in beauty and I love the fact I can share my love for it with my illustrations and paintings. My illustrations include many scenes from NW Oregon and Washington including buildings, coastal scenes, and nature.
I am proud that my illustration of the Astoria Column was purchased by the mayor of Astoria as a gift to the mayor of Waldorf, Germany. Since my husband and I love sailing, many of the pieces will be related to our travels.
I love teaching youth and adults to discover their skills during classes and workshops I teach at the Broadway Gallery. Most workshop participants are amazed that they can complete a painting they can be proud of in just 3 hours. My favorite classes to teach are the discovery classes where students learn multiple ways to use their medium. It keeps me motivated to try new techniques and explore more mediums. I hope you will join me for a workshop or class this fall at the gallery.

  • three boats sailing

Scott McRae – Painter

artist smiling

Scott McRae

My name is Scott McRae and the paintings you see around you are my current work. Each piece is designed around two things—the colors I see in the world and the everyday scenes, flowers, and objects that become vessels for the colors I see.
I was born and raised in Longview and have lived here for fifty years. I grow a garden each year so I can see the shapes and colors of the leaves and flowers of various plants.
I studied art as a child here in Longview and really enjoyed those classes. These classes pointed BA in Art from Linfield College. At Linfield, I learned to minimalize my art to its bare essentials. After graduating from Linfield, I started to bring more recognizable forms into my art, but still keeping the abstract qualities of minimalizing.
I really believe that the marks, colors, and shapes, and composition I put into the painting from the very beginning all go into the final painting which may be way different that how I started.
I also teach painting and drawing classes here at the Broadway Gallery.

  • landscape on th Columbia River

Susy Halverson – Painter

artist with paintings

Susy Halverson

“I need art like a flower needs sunshine. I can only thrive when painting or creating in some way. I love to teach to help others fullfull this need.”

— Susy Halverson
Artist Website | E-mail

Susy Paints in oil, knits sweaters with a Passap knitting machine, and produces embroidered tee shirts and jewelery. She also teaches oil painting classes at the gallery for adults and children.

  • three tulips in full bloom

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