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March 2023 Featured Artists

Join us for our First Thursday Reception at the Broadway on March 2, 5:30-7:00 pm.

Trudy Woods exhibits her uniquely textured ceramic pieces and John S Crocker presents his photography and illustrations. Enjoy speaking with the artists, visiting with friends, having great refreshments and listening to the music by Barbara Meyers.

Trudy Woods- Ceramics

Trudy Woods

Trudy Woods at work in her studio

I have been creating pots on the potter’s wheel for over 40 years. My work has changed over the years, but for the past several years I have been working with carving motifs – either derived from African textiles or inspired by the river that I can see from my studio – and glazing them simply with a beautiful blue glaze that never ceases to amaze me with its complexity.

I enjoy making pots that people like to use. The relationship between form and function is an interesting concept to me, perhaps because it is a recurring theme in the study of biology, the subject of my formal education.

A chance request from a friend of a friend for a special pot decorated using the horsehair technique, with the hair from her own horse, has sent me exploring a new direction. The horsehair pots are not fired to vitrification, which means that they do not hold water and are therefore non-utilitarian – a new approach for me.

I retired from teaching at Lower Columbia College at the end of March, 2019. Teaching was very energizing, even though it was time-consuming. Through my students and colleagues, I gained ideas as well as friends. I thought that having more time for my own work would lead to new directions for my work, but it seems that life had other plans for me, and I am still enjoying the line of work I began several years ago, along with the fish that I added a couple of years ago.

light blue and white pottery with horse hair glaze

Horse Hair Pottery

textures fish shaped into a dish

Fish Plate

textured blue dish for wine bottle

Wine Coaster

strainer for food and water

Blue Collander

John S Crocker

John Crocker by a car

John S Crocker

This current exhibit combines a selection of recent and retrospective works.  Newer drawings are a fairly recent addition to the photography I’ve consistently shown here at the Broadway Gallery.  Computer and printer breakdowns have steered me back to my first-love medium which has been dormant so long. 

Whatever the medium or subject matter I explore, the concerns of the “visual language” of art inform my approach. These consist of composition, rhythm, pattern, value, color interplay and such.   At times, oblique hints of narrative may emerge.  A little mystery is good.  Enjoy the show…


  • Displayed in multiple open and invitational exhibits, including:
  • Koth Gallery, Longview, Washington
  • Lower Columbia College Art Gallery “Local Focus” Photography Show
  • Featured artist, McClelland Art Center Photography Exhibit
  • Mayor’s office, City of Longview, Washington.
  • Broadway Gallery, Longview, Washington

Transparency of a Moth

fractured image of leaves

Abstract of Foliage

graphite drawing of bird on flight over foliage

Bird in Flight Drawing


Bug Study

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