Artwork by Southwest Washington and Oregon artists.

February 2017 Featured Artists

Join us at First Thursday, February 2nd to meet the featured artists David Lee Myers, Linda McCord, Alan Brunk
and Special Valentine Jewelry.

During the February 2nd, First Thursday from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm, enjoy the music of Mark Dykstra and help us celebrate some great artists’ work.

David Meyer – Photographer

photographer Myers

David Lee Myers

“Reflections” shows scenes of city commerce—in store window displays with reflections of passersby and architecture. This newest body of work by David Lee Myers began with window shopping during travels and continues near home. Some scenes are perfect as first found, others are enlivened by waiting until people and other moving elements come together for an instant of right arrangement. Each of these photos is a single vision, a single camera capture, with no elements added during print preparation.

In window reflections, the interior and exterior weave through our awareness, riddled with suggestions. Much is shown, little is known. Reflected people are seemingly misplaced inside the store displays that is our reality, living in labyrinths of commerce. Certain scenes are chosen anthropologically, others for the satisfaction of geometry.

This exhibit will include scenes from Coimbra and Cascasis in Portugal; Barcelona, Cuenca, Malaga, and Madrid in Spain; Poulsbo in Washington; and Astoria and Ashland in Oregon.>

Why photograph? To share comfort and joy in the world, to share committing to it, and caring for it. We make photographs in many ways: usually persistent, thoughtful work; occasionally a quick and joyful catch. Seeing and appreciating beauty and subtlety nurtures our spirit amidst the challenges of life.

I cherish a long, fruitful connection to southwest Washington. I am a founding member of The Broadway Gallery, and taught photography for twenty years at Lower Columbia College.

Forty years of teaching college photography has been a great satisfaction. Helping people find their own voices to explore the joys and challenges of life is a real highlight. Figuring out how to explain the artistic issues and the techniques increases my own understanding and helps my own work. Workshops and presentations where art joins natural history are especially favored. Art and natural history photography and marriage make a good life.

  • mannequin in a window
    Manikin in Charge Coimbra

Linda McCord- Fashion Designer

fashion designer

Linda McCord

Heart Felt

Felted Fiber Art

Heart Felt is a fun group of mostly small felted pieces. The hats and flowers are done with a wet felting technique and the garments and scarves are nuno felted. Some of the work is hand painted. I use the same concepts in my wearable fiber art as I do with my paintings: composition using negative-positive space, repetition of shapes, color schemes, rhythm and focal point. If done successfully, the viewer’s eye is taken on a journey, travels to the point of interest, rest   there awhile and travels on.

Linda McCord, painter, fiber artist, fashion designer

  • wedding dress
    Unique Wedding Dress

Alan Brunk- Illustrator/Painter

Alan Brunk-designer

Alan Brunk

“Drawing is as old as human kind. It is the basis of everything that we have. An idea has to be created, as a drawing, before it can ever be produced.”      Alan C. Brunk
I have been interested in art for as long as I can remember. My mother purchased a chalkboard for me when I was 5 yrs old. I spent a lot of time making drawings of landscapes, animals, and inanimate objects. A few years later, I became friends with a local artist who encouraged and advised me on my drawings. He showed me how to improve them. As a result, drawing became a means of getting into other art forms like painting, graphic arts, work working and technical illustration.
I have a Bachelor of Art degree from the University of Oregon and a Masters of Fine Art from the University of Washington. During my studies at the University of Oregon, I also minored in mechanical engineering. As a result, I had the opportunity to work for Boeing Company as a graphics illustrator and later as a technical illustrator.
During my time at the University of Oregon’s school of art, I was influenced by the impressionist, Paul Cezanne. His use of color, style and subjects have left a lasting impression on my way of painting. One of my professors during my graduate work at the University of Washington, Bill Hixson, continued to instill the style and techniques of the “Cezanne School” .
I enjoy plein-air painting but I do most of my work from drawings and photographs that I have created. Most of my work is landscapes but I also do figure work and portraits.
To me, art is a spontaneous explosion of ideas that result in creating art. I am productive in spurts and accomplish a lot during these times. It seems like I need to recharge myself before beginning another creative phase.

  • black and white drawing of sheep
    Sheep in the Field

Special Valentine Jewelry

Our artists have been busy creating some special jewelry pieces that make fantastic gifts for that very unique person in your life. Each is a one-of-a-kind piece. We’ll even gift wrap it for you! Then,  add a special touch of a card from a wide range of artists. Your gift will be a hit and a Valentine’s Day to remember.

  • pearl and gold necklace
    Natural pearl and gold necklace
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