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November 2016 Featured Artists

Join us at First Thursday, November 3rd to meet the featured artists Carlene Salazar, Trudy Woods, Susy Halverson and Sandy Brown.

During the November 3rd, First Thursday from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm, enjoy the music of Stephen Harvey and help us celebrate some great artists’ work.

About The Artists

Carlene Salazar- Painter

artist Carlene Salazar

Carlene Salazar

The passion of art is my constant driving force, continuously developing, with diverse subject matter. As light defines what we see, and our perceptions, the use of light is the expression to communicate with the viewer. Sometimes it is soft and comforting, sometimes funny, and sometimes it is stark and bold. I share these contrasts with viewers to share what I see around me.

I have been painting for 50 years. I have a MFA from WSU and a BA in Art from University of Texas at El Paso, as well as a certificate in WEB design from Sessions College, AZ. Most of my subject matter is from what I see around me, and I enjoy Plein Air painting whenever possible.

  • painting of a trail
    Where Your Feet Have Gone

Trudy Woods- Pottery

Trudy Woods

Trudy Woods at work in her studio

I enjoy making ceramic pieces that people like to use.  The relationship between form and function is an interesting concept to me, perhaps because it is a recurring theme in the study of biology, the subject of my formal education.

I have been creating clay vessels on the potter’s wheel for over 40 years.  My work has changed over the years, For the past several years I have been working with carving motifs – either derived from African textiles or inspired by the river that I can see from my studio. Glazing them simply with a beautiful blue glaze never ceases to amaze me with its complexity.

A couple of years ago I was suddenly struck with the desire to explore sgraffito – carving through applied colored slip to reveal the natural color of the clay beneath.  The black, plum, and green pieces here are the result of this line of inquiry.  Last fall, I started to explore horsehair pottery, which now has me fascinated with its possibilities.

Teaching is very energizing, even though it is time-consuming. Through my students and colleagues, I have more ideas than ever, and less time for my own work.  Each piece has become more important to me, and I cherish my time in the studio.  Now I spend a great deal more time on each piece, loving every minute of it.

  • blue incised pottery
    Incised vessels

Susy Halverson – Painter

Susy Alverson

Susy Halverson in her studio

“I need art like a flower needs sunshine. I can only thrive when painting or creating in some way. I love to teach to help others fullfill this need.”

Susy has been teaching painting to children and adults at the gallery for several years.  She has been recently offering paint parties for those who want to experience a new medium or subject.  There are many new images that Susy has been painting for this show.  Please come and see some of her latest works.

  • painting of clouds with landscape
    Northwest Inspiration

Sandy Brown – Pottery

ceramic tray

Plum Crazy Tray

yellow rectangular tray

Sunshine Yellow Tray

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