Artwork by Southwest Washington and Oregon artists.

Welcoming Fall with October Colors

Gold by Marisa Mercure

Fall is here, and soon the days will be shorter.

We welcome October with a colorful show filled with delicate watercolors and illustrations, whimsical ceramics and sculptures, and oil painted tiles.

Join us for a First Thursday celebration on  October 4 from 5:30 to 7:30 pm with music by Steve Harvey and an artist demonstration by Susy Halverson.

“Everyone must take time to sit and watch the leaves turn.”

– Elizabeth Lawrence


Our featured artists this month:

Toni Lawrence (ceramics)

Toni Lawrence

I am often asked where my inspiration comes from. The answer is from the world around me. My cat comes to greet me in the early morning as I am just waking. Hence  the butter dish with the girl laying on her side and the cat dancing on her hip.

I love to sculpt so when making a dragon, since no one knows what a dragon really looks like, I have a free hand. But if I am sculpting a pig, my hands will try to follow the line of the real animal. I go to Nature to be refreshed.

I have also been asked how long it takes me to make a cup, for instance, and I usually say thirty years. When Herve Villachaize and I first took lessons from Carol Glenn, my cups looked nothing like they do today. I no longer work on a wheel as it broke down years ago, and that happy accident made me hand-build and I loved the feel of it, so I never went back.

I would like, in my next life, if there is such an occurrence, to go to art school, as I have never had formal training.

My message to anyone reading this statement is to enjoy the moment as it is the Goddess’ gift (without being religious at all).

~ Toni Lawrence

A native Angeleno, artist Toni Lawrence’s childhood years were spent in Rome, Italy, which, she says, provided the single-most important influence on her work.

“The myths and fairy-tales that were read to me in Italian,” recalls Lawrence, “are the basis for the recurring themes in my ceramics and watercolors today.”

Ms. Lawrence maintains her residence and art studio in Pe Ell, Washington. Visit her website Ceramics by Toni.








Susan Miller (watercolors)

Susan Miller

Susan Miller, a Northwest artist, loved to draw as a young girl. She continued her studies and currently creates sketching, sculpting and watercolor originals. Susan’s versatile talents can be seen in her unforgettable characters created for children’s books.

Her whimsical illustrations take the reader on a journey into another world full of innocence, fun and a bit of mischieviousness. Enjoy! ~ Susan Miller

Jennifer and Todd Cullings (watercolor)

Jennifer and Todd share a passion for nature and Mount St. Helens, where Todd has spent over 25 years educating, entertaining, and inspiring the volcano’s many visitors. The couple shares a love for watercolor painting with fine details and textures. They achieve this balance in their art using layers of watercolor paint, along with watercolor pencils.

Mount St. Helens, along with its incredible landscapes, wildlife, and vast natural wonders, are all a continuous source of inspiration for the two.

See more of their work at Red Zone Graphics

Marisa Mercure (painted tile)
“The tiles done mostly in oils and some in acrylics have, in most cases, preserved their characteristics and flaws including their color, while still giving a clear representation of a subject which absolutely makes them one of a kind. They are paintings and they should be treated as such.” ~Marisa Mercure


Silver Lining

Only Dahlias

The Columns

The Lookout

Sand and Sky

Country Road

Wine and Peaks

The Mountain

Tall Grass

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