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October 2018 Featured Artists

Join us at First Thursday, October 4th to meet our guest artists- Jean Watson, Robin Rudolph-Rodenberger and our Autumn Theme Show.

During the October 4th, First Thursday from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm, enjoy the music by Derek Reynolds, light snacks, and help us celebrate these artists’ fine work.

Jean Watson- Fiber Art

photo of artist smiling

Jean Watson

While her professional career was as a nursing professor and administrator, during off hours Jean would find new ways to use fabric and fiber in knitting, crochet, embroidery, tatting, weaving, quilting, and hand-spinning. She is often found petting her alpaca and merino fibers while hand-spinning or knitting them, or gathering a wild assortment of fabrics for a new quilting project. Having started to knit at age 14, she has enjoyed adding new media techniques for yarn and fabric with each decade. As the fabric-artist-in-residence at St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, ( Longview, WA) she fabricates priestly vestments as well as banners and quilted installations.
Watson stated, “I’ve been using multiple techniques to work with fabric and fibers of all kinds for over 6 decades, and there is still plenty to learn and projects with which to experiment. There is no such thing as too big a stash of fabric and yarn – you never know what you will need for the next project.”

  • floral design
    Mystic Paradise Wall Quilt

Robin Rudolph-Rodenberger – Pottery


Tatooed artist by her pottery

Robin Rudolph-Rodenberger

Robin grew up in northern Washington but has ties to the Longview area. She has exhibited at LCC and the Broadway Gallery. She enjoys nature and displays her interest in her pottery. Robin creates many shapes of mugs and other useful pottery with this strong nature look with rust and black colors. Her attention to details is amazing. You could almost lift the leaves off the plate.
Robin will have a large selection of mugs and other useful pottery items.

  • plate and mugs with leaf design
    Platter with two mugs

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