Artwork by Southwest Washington and Oregon artists.

February 2016 Featured Artists

Join us at First Thursday, February 4th to meet the featured artists: Beth Bailey Betty Jurey, and Terry Strehlou.

Mingle with fellow art lovers in historic downtown Longview. Live acoustic guitar music provided by local musicians. Featured artists artwork is on display all month.
During the February 4th First Thursday from 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm, enjoy the music of a classic trio  Tim Janke, Kris McElroy-Weber and Mike Woods.

About The Artists

Beth Bailey, Illustrator/Painter

Beth Bailey

Beth Bailey

Being an artist has always been in my blood, thanks to my mother and grandmother encouraging me from a very young age. I am originally from the Midwest but I feel as much a part of the Northwest as many natives.  The Pacific Northwest is amazingly bountiful in beauty and I love the fact I can share my love for it with my illustrations and paintings.
My illustrations include many scenes from NW Oregon and Washington including buildings, coastal scenes, and nature.  I am proud that my illustration of the Astoria Column was purchased by the mayor of Astoria as a gift to the mayor of Waldorf, Germany.  My banner designs were selected two years in a row for the City of Longview and the City of Rainier purchased my illustration of the waterfront as their official city logo.
“Reflections” is the theme of my exhibit for February.  There are many scenes of Lake Sacajawea, Longview and beyond.  These paintings and illustrations will remind the viewer how fortunate we are to be in such a beautiful area.
My mediums of choice are pen & ink and watercolor but I also love acrylics and printmaking.  I have expanded my work to Photoshop/Illustrator for graphic designs/logos and Dreamweaver for website development.

Columbia Theatre

Night at the Columbia Theatre


Kayaking into Skamokawa Channel

Lake Sacajawea

Conversation at Lake Sacajawea

Lions Island

Lions Island

Betty Jurey, Sculptor/Jeweler

Betty Jurey

Betty Jurey

I am a native of Washington State, born in Aberdeen and raised in Cosmopolis. I am retired and reside in Glenoma, Washington, in East Lewis County, with my husband and our little dog.
My husband and I share a workshop but I have a separate work area. He is a wood sculptor and instructor so we use some of the same tools to create our art.
A member of ARTrails of Southwest Washington, a member of IEAG (International Egg Artists Guild), I am an award winning artist. I have also been a featured artist for ARTrails of SWW in the Chronicle Newspaper in September, 2015.
I have been decorating Fabergé style eggs since 1992. Since 1996, I have been carving and piercing eggs. Quail, Chicken, Pheasant, Duck, Turkey, Goose, Emu, Rhea and Ostrich eggs are a few items carved and decorated. I teach the art of decorated eggs as well as carving and piercing them.
Inside the eggs, I decorate with lighting, create dioramas, add jewels, and hinge eggs for jewelry boxes. There are musical eggs and hanging ornaments. I carve ostrich egg shells and other egg shells to make jewelry. I use Austrian and Swarovski Crystals on my eggs. My eggs are mostly purchased locally to help the local economy.
My inspiration is life itself in all its beauty whether I am decorating eggs from a real life scene, creating whimsical egg scenes and everything in between.
The only limit is your imagination.


decorated egg

The Three Lockets

sculpted egg

Oriental Girl

Necklace Box

Quail Necklace & Jeweled Box

black sculpted egg

Grauman’s Chinese Theatre

Terry Strehlou, Sculptor/Painter

Teyy Strehlou

Terry Strehlou

Terry’s interest in art started as a young school kid coming home to an empty house.  Her parents both worked and for her entertainment, she would look at and read about art and artists from the encyclopedias.  Terry has no formal art training, only community college classes, workshops, and some private classes.

fish sculpture




Terra Cotta Mask



painting of crow





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