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January 2018 Featured Artist

Join us at First Thursday, January 4th to meet our featured artist and gallery member,  Scott McRae.

During the January 4th, First Thursday from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm, enjoy the music by Mike Theriault, light snacks, and help us celebrate this artist’s fine works.

Scott McRae – Painting

Garden Delights:  Works Inspired by the Garden

artist Scott McRae

Scott McRae

Scott McRae is a native of Longview.  He has been blessed with the chance to have a garden space wherever he has lived.  Scott likes gardens because plants interest him.  They are naturally aesthetic.  What is in the garden is not only beautiful to the eye, but there is also a degree of artistic control and out of control.  This is what makes gardens interesting to Scott.  Flowers encourage Scott to delve into their beauty, find new patterns, and designs in them.  They make the perfect still-life because of their bright colors, natural darks and lights, and overall inspiration.

Scott is primarily a painter, but he also has worked in pastel, mixed media, and colored pencil.  Many of the works in this show are done with gouache which is an opaque watercolor.  He likes to think of is as liquid chalk because it covers over the white of the paper.  Scott likes to paint with black ink first in a drawing fashion to get his dark tones present right away and create an overall design for the painting.  The art here was done in several different locations, but each has Scott’s strong connection to the order of a garden and a love of plants.  Many of his works are also done in acrylic because its fast drying time enables him to have fresh, intense colors that would be difficult to achieve with oil paint.

Scott’s other interests are hiking, puppetry, writing, and church work.

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