Artwork by Southwest Washington and Oregon artists.

December 2017 Featured Artists

Join us at First Thursday, December 7th to meet the featured artists Beth Bailey,Chris Wallace, and Jane Gerdon. Plus help the Broadway Gallery celebrate its 35th Anniversary with cake, silent auction, and special $100 and under artwork.

During the December 7th, First Thursday from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm, enjoy the music by John Crocker, light snacks, and help us celebrate these artists’ works.

Beth Bailey- Illustration/Watercolor

Artist painting plein air

Beth Bailey

The Pacific Northwest never ceases to amaze me with its beauty and delightful locations to relax. I have lived in the northwest for over 30 years and I still haven’t seen all of its beauty. My goal would be to have a travel adventure that would take in all the unique places.

My show theme is “Seasons” with scenes from Oregon and Washington that I have discovered on my travels. In the warmer months, I enjoy painting in plein air with some other artist friends. We have ventured out in fowl weather such as a trip to a vineyard in Ridgefield with a mix of downpours and sun. Luckily, the venue had a covered area that we could use to see the vineyard.

I also have some new works using a new technique I have been exploring that I call “batik painting”. It’s mixed media used with diluted glue and later completely covered with india ink. The ink stays in the places where I did not paint or painted thinner. I hope you will come enjoy all of my work. I am looking forward to seeing you on opening night.

I am a teacher at the Broadway Gallery offering workshops and paint parties usually on Tuesday evenings or Saturday. I hope you will come join me during our new sessions coming up in January.

  • bakery front wiht bicycle with flowers
    Cowichan Bay Bakery

Chris Wallace- Jewelry Designer

jewelry artist

Chris Wallace

I have had a lifelong love affair with jewelry.  As a child, I remember waiting for the county fair each summer so I could “win” a heart-shaped necklace on which my name would be “engraved.”  Jewelry was always on my Christmas list for as long as I can remember, so I suppose it’s only natural that I would choose jewelry as a hobby.  When my children were raised, and when I no longer worked full time, I took my first class.  I was hooked.    I make what I describe as costume jewelry because it’s affordable to anyone.  I use a wide variety of materials, including natural stones, shells, rocks, vintage beads and pins, buttons, found items, and any sort of glass beads.  I string, wire wrap and do a lot of improvising.  Seldom do I have more than one of the same design for sale at any time in my inventory of 150+ pieces.
I satisfy my need for being creative, and I hope to have something to appeal to everyone, by the unique pieces I create.
I share my love of jewelry with friends, and acquaintances who soon become friends, by hosting beading days at my home once a month.  I have taught many, many gals the basics.  I love to share my passion.

  • wire and stone necklace

Jane Gerdon- Fiber Artist

artist with supplies

Jane Gerdon

“Anyone can be creative. You just have to find your niche.”

I moved to the Kelso/Longview area in 1975 to teach Family and Consumer Science at Huntington Junior High. Before that, I was in Kent teaching. My Dad was career Navy so we spent some time traveling through the US while I was growing up.

My Mom was a very creative person, so that was something that I grew up doing. I learned how to knit from my Mom and crochet from a family friend. Although I had never done much with that knowledge until I took a felting class. I was hooked!

I don’t felt as much as I used to but I still enjoy the uniqueness of it. It has been a lot of fun working with different yarns, techniques, and embellishments to create something special. When felting, I never quite knew how a particular project
would turn out until it was finished. Some projects have been challenging while others have been fairly easy. I have broadened my scope to include hats, fingerless gloves and scarves.

My work has also been displayed at the BCJ Gallery in Morton, The Morgan Arts Centre in Toledo, and the ARTrails Gallery in Centralia.

  • unique crochetted glove with matching beads

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