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April 2017 Featured Artists

Join us at First Thursday, April 6th to meet the featured artists Mirabelle Hobson, Pam Sharp, and Penny Cox.

During the April 6th, First Thursday from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm, enjoy the music of Joe Green and help us celebrate some great artists’ work.

Mirabelle Hobson – Painter

various images of artist at work

Mirabelle Hobson

“Power of Positivity”

An artist at The Broadway Gallery for three and a half years, I like to create images using a mixture of materials. I work at translating effective, accurate information into visual format. The current pieces being shown were created to process significant events and information in a positive way. A representation of my subconscious exists inside them. Work on the series began in winter 2015. At that time, I worked in the healthcare world and was studying science. As a painter, learning about the human body was an opportunity to take a better look at figures, at what lies within. The first piece of ‘The Power of Positivity,’ entitled ‘Vulnerability,’ was the beginning of a visual conversation about such topics involving feelings and emotions. Some of these emotions were very strong. A clear step of vulnerability.

After having an emotional experience, which occurred many times last year, I had to let a thoughtful response catch up. The canvas was my arena to process the past to live now. My job was to make something of it. The exhibition became so enigmatic. My paintings share a personal connection between the physical and spiritual aspects of being human. It’s funny how the images flirt with the brain in a familiar, distant, and closeness all at different times. It is like life and its many transitions. An empty, clear space like a blank white document, an empty-walled room, and for me, the canvas, comes to aid and help in these moments. ‘Amaze’ finds light pushing forward into a hopeful flame into the next piece floating in a bowl of water. There’s a small moment of relief once navigated through.

Once ‘Hope,’ comes along the confusion ends and things make sense. Another moment of respite. Pause. Breathe. This was a moment I had after giving out all the painful emotions before. The finished paintings tell what happens in a manner of light colors. I assure the viewer that the origin of this work has genuine intentions to tell an honest story. I want my work to have meaningful information meet in a single piece of work and to come together in a group of pieces. Themes in my work include music, love, drug use, perception, social justice, casual conversation, comedy, and time. Origins of anything catch my attention. History, future, figures, and literature. It’s almost as if the canvas is still blank. But, it’s not.

Painting has been my major form of expression for the past ten years. I dabble in music, writing, and am interested and respect the spoken word as well as videography. My work has been shown at The Swiss in Tacoma, The Koth Gallery in Longview, and past shows at The Broadway Gallery. There has been a style change from my past work. I’m talking about my use of color.

Pam Sharp- Wildlife Artist

portrait of Pam Sharp

Pam Sharp

“Wildlife Animal Realism”

Art has always been in my DNA. As far as I can remember it has served as a personal legacy, a way to preserve what I see in nature. As I have grown as a professional artist, I have found that my legacy for paint on paper has had additional rewards. I have had the pleasure of learning how others see my art, their desire to have my art in their world and my enjoyment to fulfill their expectations.
For many years, the focus of my art was simply to improve and develop my understanding of using watercolors in ways that are outside the normal scope of painting on paper. These honed techniques now allow me to depict both the attitude of the animal in ways that pure photo realism and traditional techniques could not achieve, and the representational form of the animal.
Although I paint all animals and wildlife, my first love has always been horses and their movement. I like to keep the subject realistic but allow the painting techniques to express the subjects’ power and attitude. In 2013, I found myself being drawn and almost driven to paint birds. Audubon has had a great influence in the past two years. The birds have satisfied my desire to paint in bolder colors and still stay true to my animal and wildlife painting.
As I continue to grow and develop, my path seems to leading me in the direction of making a deeper connection between the viewer and my art. To make them not only see the animal but feel the animals voice.

Penny Cox – Metal Sculptor

artist kayaking

Penny Cox

An LCC Community Metal Art Class “sparked” my interest in welding. Upcycling – Repurposing is like working jig saw puzzles. You never know if a piece is going to work until you try, turning it around and around until it does fit. Welding, bending, and plasma cutting are my main methods of madness

With an ever changing supply, it is always a new adventure in the shop.   Accumulating metal is also part of the fun. Garage sales, recycling centers and Great Family and Friends are my sources for materials.

This has been one heck of a journey so far. Joining The Artisan Guild of Mt St Helens was my first step.   They have encouraged me to S T R E T C H, starting with our group Artisan Faires.   Arts of the Mountain was my 1st big show 4 years ago. Then it was followed by  the all recycled show Crackedpots in Troutdale.   Now,  this display at The Broadway Gallery continues the adventure.  Never would I have expected to be showing and sharing my work in this manner.  It is an honor and pleasure.  I hope something makes you smile.

  • Large Pine Cone

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