Artwork by Southwest Washington and Oregon artists.

Springing into Cinco de Mayo First Thursday!

artwork by Becky Knold

Whimsical Doll by Becky Knold

We are springing into May with the opening of our show on Cinco de Mayo First Thursday, May 5 from 5:30 – 7:30 pm.

Our featured artists are Becky Knold, Marie Wise and Della Moore. We’ll have music by Dian Norman and Mike Therault. We’re also kicking off the first of an ongoing series of door prize drawings featuring original art by our artists.

The styles and colors of this month’s featured artists compliment each other very well. When viewed separately, Della’s mosaic tile, Marie’s floral paintings, and Becky’s abstract paintings and spirit dolls are stunning. When combined, they set each other off in a way that makes the whole better than the parts.

Here’s a little about each artist.


Becky Knold

Artwork by Becky Knold

Abstract Painting by Becky Knold

Becky is from Olympia where she enjoyably devotes herself to being an artist. Prior to this phase of her life she raised children and had a teaching career. During all these years she used any and all varieties of materials to create pleasing things: clay, textiles, natural treasures, paint, wax and reclaimed materials. Art has always been a great outlet in her life.

Since retirement she’s made art the focal point in her life. She’s recognized as an acrylic painter in the abstract expressionist style. Her paintings are not realistic, but draw on references to nature, landscape and close observation to detail. She tries to capture the hidden spirit beneath the observable. Throughout the process she’s drawn into a wonderment and amazement about the depths and mysteries of life.

In addition she creates sculptures called ‘spirit dolls’  from twigs and other ephemera. She invites you to enter into your own imaginative world through her artworks.

You can learn more about Becky on her new website at

Marie Wise

Artwork by Marie Wise

Yellow Rhody by Marie Wise

Marie is an oil painter from Kalama whose work is described as ‘eclectic’ and colorful. She enjoys filling her paintings with powerful and often feminine subjects. Her florals, landscapes and nautical paintings are lush and deeply colored. Design and pattern are important parts of her compositions.

Even though her style varies from painting to painting, she tries to capture one reflective moment, punctuated with symbolic elements that portray powerful messages where viewers can find a connecting emotional bond.

Marie has painted many subjects; everything from apples to wind. With the advent of spring she’s chosen to show some of her recent florals because they contain the bright spring colors we are all craving this time of year.

Marie accepts commissions and you can learn more about her work at

Della Moore

Artwork by Della Moore

Square Side Table by Della Moore

Della has been making tile for nine years and welding for six years. All of her art pieces are one of a kind. She hand cuts each tile, fires it for 13 hours, glazes each piece three times and then fires it again.

Then she puts together her mosaic table tops and other mosaic creations by studying her tiles alongside the raw metal. Before she knows it she’s put together a table or unique piece of yard art. She loves being in her shop making tile and welding. It keeps her quiet inside. As artists we understand this feeling!

Della also has a custom tile business building unique, one-of-a-kind mosaics based on clients interests and aesthetics. You can learn more at

We hope you enjoy the work of these outstanding artists! Please visit our Featured page to see more of their works.

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