Artwork by Southwest Washington and Oregon artists.

June 2021 Featured Artists

Visit us during the month of June to view our featured artists, Janet MacGregor with her paintings and Mike Morgan with his Mixed-Media 3D Art.

Janet MacGregor – Paintings

artist standing in front of artwork

Janet MacGregor

These paintings and photographs emerged from my new habit of walking around Lake Sacajawea pretty much daily after I moved to Longview. It’s a place that has come to mean a lot to me – during this frightening and isolating year, it has sustained me in countless ways – the walking, obviously, is therapeutic both physically and mentally. Walking as fast as I can erases whatever is currently overwhelming my mind. Walking more slowly allows me to observe all of the wonder even that tiny slice of nature offers – in the changes of the seasons, the transforming colors and textures, the migrating birds, the hatching babies in the spring, the otters and eagles and water lilies and iris, the heron and the turtles, and tended gardens…
I began taking loads of photos, and from those I started making paintings to try to capture the serenity and beauty and eternal change that I was experiencing in this year of all years, in this new place. And looking up, I see the skyline of Longview dominated by its factory origins and, still, the meaning and purpose of its existence. Such contrast.
From the cormorants to the smokestacks, this is my new town.
And this is my show. This was how I spent my pandemic year.

  • Fall tree olors reflecting in the water
    View of Walking Bridge at Lake Sacajawea

Mike Morgan – Mixed Media 3D Art

Mike Morgan

Mike Morgan

Mike Morgan has been making art for over 70 years. After graduating from Central Washington University he taught art for 30 years in the Toledo School District.
Mike is versatile in many mediums but prefers sculpture.  His art often comments on current political and social conditions.  Mike and his wife Di (a Broadway Gallery member) own and operate the Morgan Arts Centre and Art Gallery 505 in Toledo.  In the summer, they run the Camp Picasso Art Camps and the Children’s Theater Workshop.  The Morgans put on yearly events like the Vernal Equinox Art Fair in March, the Battle of the CowlArtz (high school student art show) in May, and the Holiday Art Market in November.

  • a political statement 3D art
    Alternate Realities
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