Artwork by Southwest Washington and Oregon artists.

July at the Lake

Every year, the Fourth of July culminates in celebrations and a majestic fireworks at Lake Sacajawea.

Fishing the Lake by Carol Boudreau

But after the last firework has been awed over and the crowds have gone home, people young and old will return to Longview’s gem to enjoy some quiet beauty, like these two youngsters ‘fishing the lake‘.

We are lucky to have such a beautiful park in our community. It’s peaceful and serene; filled with healthy people walking their dogs, riding bikes, jogging or just enjoying the scenery. Located in the heart of Longview, Washington, and just a short drive from Portland, Oregon, it’s a place to re-energize or wind down.

Gallery artist Carol Boudreau chose to paint two youngsters engagingly ‘Fishing the Lake,’ a scene encountered year round at Lake Sacajawea. It will feel familiar to anyone who’s been there. Her ‘Wood Duck‘ might also be a familiar sight at the Lake, or at any of the many rivers and streams in our scenic Pacific Northwest.

Wood Duck by Carol Boudreau

As our summer arrives in earnest, we hope you’ll visit the Lake and take time to appreciate its grace, as well as come into the Gallery and enjoy the unique charm of local artwork.

Carol’s watercolor paintings are on display all month, along with tapestry work by Karol Williams, ceramics by Colleene Little and pottery by Janis Newton.

First Thursday – July 5
5:30 – 7:30 pm
Music by Joe Green

Carol Boudreau is native Oregonian, with a love for the Pacific Northwest landscapes that shines through in her paintings.

“The beauty of this area has compelled me to express myself through art. Painting allows me to focus on and celebrate the things in life that I find good and meaningful and share them with my viewers.” ~ Carol Boudreau

Nature, animals, and people inspire her to paint. The qualities of luminosity and high color intensity make watercolors especially exciting for her to use.

Visit Lake Sacajawea Park soon! More Longview parks to enjoy.

More paintings by Carol Boudreau. Carol Boudreau.

Holsteins by Carol Boudreau

Flamingos by Carol Boudreau

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