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November Spotlight ~ Don Quackenbush

November 2011

First Thursday ~ November 3
5:30 – 7:30 pm
Music by John Crocker

Featured Artists
Scott McRae and Debby Neely (paintings) | Marisa Mercure  (painted tile)
Don Quackenbush (stained glass) | Jane Gerdon (felting & purses)

Cobalt Moon, Glass Work by Don Quackenbush

“The ability to stir the imagination is intriguing, exciting and fascinating in both stained glass and digital art compositions.” ~ Don Quackenbush

Don has always been visually oriented; he loves to sketch and doodle and finds a pencil and pad of paper to be very relaxing and almost therapeutic.

Now retired, he is able to devote much of his time to exploring the passion for design and creativity that led him into architecture. His compositions are typically abstract and stem from the pencil explorations which he terms generated-doodles. These generated doodles are at times simple, at times complex, and serve as the springboard for his stained glass patterns as well as his explorations into digital artwork.

Also featured in November are Scott McRae’s paintings and Marisa Mercure’s paintings on tile (below),

Dolphins, Glass Work by Don Quackenbush

Bandelier, Glass Work by Don Quackenbush

Foyer Entry, Glass Work by Don Quackenbush

Hand-painted Tile by Marisa Mercure

Hand-painted Tile by Marisa Mercure

Pumpkin Flowers by Scott McRae

Geraniums by Scott McRae

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