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Marisa Mercure: Paintings on Tile at Lord & McCord Artworks

Tile Artwork by Marisa Mercure

Coming Home

Coming Home – original oil painting on tile by Marisa Mercure

Gallery artist Marisa Mercure will open her show of original oil paintings on tile at Lord & McCord Artworks (next door to The Broadway Gallery) on First Thursday, March 3.

While Marisa shows her oil and acrylic paintings on canvas at The Broadway Gallery, she’s never before shown her paintings on tile. In her words, they are an “unplanned and spontaneous act of creating art.”

She began one day with the simple act of cleaning out her garage. When coming upon a weathered and dirty piece of slate, she saw something beautiful and mysterious in it. It required some visualization but still something was definitely there. At that moment, the idea of painting abstractly on a piece of tile destined for the garbage can, was born!

“It evolved into an exercise in Impressionism, but the challenge is certainly fun”, she says. That first tile was ultimately named, ‘The Clearing“.

Well received by many, this was the beginning of a new artistic style for Marisa. “Seeing what is hidden in those naturally occurring designs and bringing them to some sense of reality, without disturbing what is already there, is a radically different way of composing a painting,” she explains.

Marisa’s beautiful and mysterious paintings follow the curvatures and imperfections embedded in the tiles, making each one unique and one-of-a kind. You can see them in March at Lord & McCord Artworks located at 1416 Commerce in Longview, Washington. Come and meet Marisa in person at the opening on Thursday, March 3, at 6 pm, when she’ll talk about the process and do a drawing.

Marisa’s background includes art schooling with a minor in drawing, and self-taught oils, both many years ago. Initially her works were few and far apart but the flame never died and was rekindled with great passion a few years ago. Classes and workshops have  helped her artistic interests to expand producing a sincere and devoted love of art.

Slideshow of Paintings on Tile by Marisa Mercure

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