Artwork by Southwest Washington and Oregon artists.

Timothy Foertsch

metal artist

Tim Foertsch

Metal Artist

As an artist my focus is on reclamation of materials, I find it more challenging and rewarding to transform something from a former life into something new. My primary medium is metal, which is cut, ground, welded, polished, painted and sometimes rusty upon completion. Each piece is unique, and each piece is reborn though it already has a unique history.

I have been passionate about my craft for many years, and thanks to The Broadway Gallery I am able to share my work with a new audience.

To learn more about my work visit my website,




Made from old office filing cabinets, the 3D fish are accented by a tribal representation of a local icon


Haoleware Gate

Stylized Asian influenced gate.The frame is over six feet tall, which supports the self-closing gate


Fall Bell

Bells made from failed pressure tanks, sometimes I add to them, sometimes I take material away


tree silhouette

Tree Saw

metal owl shape

Owl Sculpture

metal outline of fish