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Robert Stowe

Robert Stowe-Photography

Robert Stowe-photographer

Robert Stowe

Robert Stowe is a photographer-artist specializing in conceptual, personal, and underwater photography. He is renowned for his ease of style and real approach to commissions. Robert is passionate about his work and brings much more to shoots than technical expertise. He is keen to discover new ways of representing unique images through photography. He is never jaded or bored. His long list of awards and special recognition is evidence of a lifetime pursuit of his craft and special talent.
Robert began his career as a sports photographer for a newspaper in the Bay area. His portfolio contains numerous portraits of fascinating events and individuals. His breakthrough to award winning photography came with the exploration of the possibilities associated with deep water diving. Robert is perhaps best known for capturing the light, color, and movement found under the ocean surface. He believes this is due to the grittiness and hectic quality of the Water World. “You never capture it, it captures you.”

underwater photo of sea urchins

Sea Urchins

gargoyle with water spouting out of mouth