Artwork by Southwest Washington and Oregon artists.

PeiPei Hsu Wallace


artist portrait-wallace

PeiPei Hsu Wallace

Peipei has always loved arts and crafts. More than a decade ago, she came to the States to pursue a college degree in art education. But, after taking her first ceramic class, she fell in love with this versatile and exciting medium, enough to change her major to ceramics, enough to have taken many long trips to various workshops and attended many national ceramic conferences across the country. To her, it’s a never ending learning process.

Peipei started teaching ceramics at LCC a couple of years ago. She is involved in all aspects of ceramics and has endless conversations with students. Through teaching, she is inspired. That changes her work. Her work has always involved prints and sgraffitos. Recently she started playing with different colors of clay. Mix them up for slabs and wheel thrown. Mix up slabs and wheel thrown as well. Mix up functional pottery with twist of sculpture. It’s been fun!

cup shaped like a triangle

Triangular Cup

unique teapot

Unique Teapot 1

unique teapot with succulents

Unique Teapot 2