Artwork by Southwest Washington and Oregon artists.

Maureen Shay


A few years ago, I retired as an R.N. I had enjoyed a fast-paced, adrenaline packed career in the surgical arena. Now at home, I twiddled my thumbs and relaxed in my rocking chair. I tried knitting doilies for about two weeks. It seemed that I was doing nothing but going around in circles. I caught up on the weeds in my garden and looked at the rocking chair. Somehow, I was back at college pursuing a degree in Fine Arts (maybe not so fine, but still art). I took every art class available. The teachers were incredible and I finally learned some of the processes involved.

Maureen Shay

Maureen Shay

Photography was an enigma to me, and I was enamored by the necessary steps. Photoshop- not so much! With much diligence, hair-pulling and teeth gnashing by the teacher, I gradually learned what the space bar was. My photography teacher advocated for me to enter some contests through the Photographers Forum Magazine. For two years in a row, I was a finalist (out of 17,000 entries worldwide). I have won awards in other photo contests the past few years. I also have artwork in charcoal and acrylic hanging at Lower Columbia College.
I continue to love and appreciate wildlife as I did growing up on the islands. I have the good fortune to have about a half acre on my property that is a small lake most of the year. All things with wings seem to be drawn to the area. What a continual photo op!

close-up of a peony



Honeysuckle Pink

Pretty Girl

Pretty Girl

geese walking across the road

Geese at Ridgefield

close-up of wild flower

Wild flower

Geese and goslings

Parent Geese and Goslings