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Kandyse Whitney

Kandyse Whitney – Glass Artist

artist Kandyse Whitney

Kandyse Whitney

My fascination with glass began in the early 1990s when I took my first stained glass class. Purchasing my first glass kiln on 2009 expanded my art and opened up a wider range of possibilities for my art. Since then, I have been sharing my art in various art shows, festivals and retail locations.

Largely self-taught via books, experimentation and some “happy accidents”, I draw inspiration from looking around at every day objects and the world around me.

Each piece of glass I use is hand selected and purchased from a manufacturer.

Kandyse is now working on chainmaille jewelry and quilled paper as well.  She enjoys learning new ways to express her creative designs.  Come to her show in September as featured artist.

red bowl

Red Mosaic

green squared border

Cobblestone Border

Red Top

Red Top

set of 4 glass dishes

Almond Set


Cobalt Blue Chainmaille Bracelet

necklace and earrings

Mixed Amber necklace and earrings

black and yellow chainmaille with metal bee shape

Charm Bee Earrings