Artwork by Southwest Washington and Oregon artists.

Debbie Lee


Debbie Lee

Debbie Lee

I’ve always been interested in drawing and painting taking courses in high school and college. During the 80’s I started tole painting, but that wasn’t challenging. I began painting animals on stones, taking custom orders at craft fairs painting what ever anyone wanted on a stone.
Believe me the requests were varied. I followed the craft fair circuit for several years.
Upon moving to Longview, Washington, I began painting with acrylics on canvas.
My work tends to be fanciful, whimsical and sometimes humorous. I paint for enjoyment and hope my work brings a smile or a laugh to others.

cat napping with castle in the background

Bella’s Nap at Blarney Castle

a dog and a banjo

Dueling Doolies

Dragon at Conway Castle, Wales

Fluid Rainbows

bright colored dragon in front of a castle

Dragon at Conway Castle, Wales

bird in flight

Phoenix Rising

dragon between some cliffs

Dragon Ascending

cat atop a castle window

Green Man & Greeter, Rosslyn Chapel