Artwork by Southwest Washington and Oregon artists.

Dan Newman

Dan Newman, Multimedia Sculptor

Artist outdoors in painting attire

Dan Newman

I  taught secondary art for 38 years.  I began in 1974 in Sitka, Alaska teaching 6-8 grade at Blatchley Middle School.  I also taught the same grades  at William Lenoir Middle School in North Carolina.  I moved to Utah and taught grades 9-12 at Hillcrest and Alta High Schools.

As many artists,  I began to make art as a child.  I enrolled in art classes in middle school and then Kalama High School.  After serving in the US Navy, I enrolled at Clark College, Vancouver and earned an associates degree.  Later I attended Western Washington Art Ed and San Francisco State University.  I earned my Masters Degree in Art Ed from San Francisco State University.  While at SFSU I began glass blowing with professor and master glass artist, Rob Levin.  I had more glass experience in Seattle and North Carolina. I have exhibited my art in Sitka Alaska and Neilsen Charlotte.

As an art teacher, I have been interested in many forms of media and techniques.  I have created my art in many media: ceramics, glass, painting, printmaking, jewelry, and glass. Blowing glass is the media I enjoy most,  It is so immediate and challenging in that you have one chance for success.  About 10 years ago, I became interested in multimedia art, glass, ceramics, cast metals, lamp-worked glass and found objects.

Frosted and crackled white frosted glass with wodlike base

Frosted Glass and Ceramic Dish

Lavender, blue, and white jar

Mixed Media Jar

wavy blown glass in blues, greens and yellow

Blown Glass with Ceramic Base


Mixed media container with a lid made of glass and ceramics

Enclosed Glass and Ceramic Vessel