Artwork by Southwest Washington and Oregon artists.

Brent Knott

Brent Knott- Wood Turning

artist with his dog

Brent Knott

My wood turning adventure began shortly after I retired in 2006. I had no formal wood turning training but had friends who were eager to help me get started. My initial turnings were small bowls, plates, and pots. After about a year I discovered segmented wood turning, a complicated but satisfying way of turning wooden objects. I first start by imagining the shape and design I want and then transfer the shape and design onto graph paper. As each vessel is made of stacked rings, I now decide how many rings to make, the thickness of each ring, and the number pieces in each ring. I use colored pencils to get some idea of whether my creation will transfer to three dimensions effectively. Sometimes they don’t and sometimes I change the drawing to improve the overall look of the vessel before I cut the first piece of wood. The proportions, color, and size all must be right or I will discard the plan and start over. If I am satisfied, I cut all the pieces to precise length, glue
them into rings and glue the individual rings together. They are sanded and the bottom ring is mounted on the lathe and turned smooth. The vessel is removed from the lathe and the next ring is glued to the first after making sure of its alignment with the first. This process continues until all the rings are in place. The vessel is then sanded and a finish is applied. Simple!
The segmented turnings of Malcolm Tibbetts, Ron Hampton, and the late Ray Allen as well as the basketry and carvings of Native Americans of the Northwest Coastal area, the pottery of the Southwest Pueblo potters, and the natural beauty of our Pacific Northwest all influence my creations. I hope you enjoy them!


checkerboard look pattern on segmented woodturning vessel

Northwest Patterned Wood Vessel

light colored tapered vessel with 2 patterns

Tapered Light Colored Wood Vessel

Spiral pattern on a vase

Spiral Pattern Vase with Lid

3 pattern vessel in wood

Uniquely Patterned Wood Turned Vessel

wood turned bowl

Natural Wood Turned Bowl

vase design with pyramid look

Patterned Wood Turn