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Audrey Hoffman

Audrey HoffmanWeaver, Printmaker
Founding Member 

“I’ve appreciated the freedom I’ve always had to investigate and explore, and to seek answers to life’s puzzles, big and small. I’ve always been a day dreamer on a journey of discovery.”

Even before I could read books became central in my life. They have accompanied me through years of exploration and learning; exciting my senses with wonder. My eyes have been filled with words and images, shapes and colors, my ears have drawn in the sound of words and left a taste that I savor on my tongue. Paper and ink have scents and textures that continue to thrill my fingers and nose. All five senses kept alive and eager by books and the world they have opened to me.

Born with curiosity I continue to be lead into new venues, going where my boon companions lead me.

~ Audrey Hoffman


Artwork by Audrey Hoffman

Artwork by Audrey Hoffman